Meet The Rag Revo Team - Hannah Hewston

Sustainable Fashion Brand
Who I am?: Hannah Heweston
Who I am to RagRev?: Digital Content Editor
Advice I'd give my past self and a junior who's trying to climb up the ladder
Chill out and not take yourself so seriously. No matter what mistakes you make, it's not life or death so don't waste your tears on it and don't let that snarky email knock you down. Yes you'll meet people who will try to break you on a daily basis, but you'll also meet incredible ones that start as your boss, and stay your friends for years to come. Trust yourself. You're a lot smarter and a hell of a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for little one. 
My favourite designer
Varies by the year but one who I've always loved - and be warned it's a controversial one - is John Galliano. Yes, he has been nasty at times, but he's created such incredible collections for the brands he's worked on. From the latest graffiti style coats he showed in the S/S 20 collection for Maison Margiela to the unforgettable Dior A/W 2010 collection that I still have cutouts          of on my wall at home. He's never afraid to be bold and his eye for design is just something else.
If I could become an instant expert in anything
It would be fashion history. There is so much history to fabrics, clothes, how they're made, who created them and even just the history of all the designers and brands themselves. I know you're probably saying "sure just pick up a book" or "just google it", but no matter how many articles I read, there always seems to be more. Whereas if I could be an instant expert in it, sure I wouldn't even need Google!