Who Are We?

Sustainable fashion brand


Rag Revolution’s story began with Edel Lyons, a frustrated millennial who wanted to wear her favourite brands and designers while experimenting with fashion. At the time, she was becoming more aware of the effects that fashion has on the environment. She wanted to find a more sustainable option to wear different looks without the burden of ownership and while reducing her environmental impact. 

She always dreamed of working in fashion, but with a very small industry in Ireland, she never got the opportunity. Overwhelmed by weddings, parties, events and the cost of living in a city, she searched for a business that could offer her and her friends a more sustainable way to wear the latest trends. She was unsuccessful, but after discovering the opportunity, she decided to take a risk and launch a fashion brand that encapsulated what was important to her: fashion, sustainability and the circular economy.

Rag Revolution’s mission is to make the fashion industry more sustainable by providing an alternative to ownership and overconsumption. Over the years, the brand has grown so much and with the support of our customers and followers we continue to evolve in serving our community and our planet!