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5 Sustainable Denim Brands You Need To Know About!

Denim created in the city of Nimes by the French. The French developed the process of weaving cotton in a unique way that resulted in a stronger and more durable fabric. The fabric was then dyed indigo. Denim is a timeless fabric that continues to be the go-to casual style piece for almost every generation.

But, how sustainable is denim production? Truth be told denim isn’t known to be the most environmentally friendly fabric to produce. Greenpeace states that on average it takes over 6000 litres of water to create a single pair of jeans. The water used in the process is treated with harmful chemicals and dyes that are released into local waterways. The Aral Sea, once the fourth largest lake in the world, dried up partly as a result of water being diverted to be utilised by cotton plantations and this has been partly attributed to denim production.

Denim dominates every season, but, before you buy the latest denim trends, consider the environmental impact of each piece. If you’re going to buy an investment piece then consider how many wears or years you will get out of it before you commit to buying. We’ve created a list of 5 sustainable denim brands that are worthwhile considering for your next denim purchase.


Sézane is a chic French brand that is the go-to label for bloggers across Europe. They launched their sustainable denim collection using GOTS techniques and OEKO-TEX certified fabric that uses more than half the water and chemical processes. Sézane production practices make them one of the most design-focused and sustainable denim brands in the industry. 

MUD Jeans 

A forward-thinking brand that embraces the circular economy. Mud fully encouraging customers to upcycle old pieces and return any unwanted denim to be repurposed. Using certified cotton to create new denim pieces this reduces water and chemicals used. They also offer a jean rental option, which puts them well ahead of the curve in terms of traditional denim brands.


Levi’s are one of the few iconic brands who have embarked on a sustainability-focused mission, that focuses on four main priorities, people, materials, environment and process. Levi’s water initiative means that they will use revolutionary water-reducing techniques. They have also launched an eco-friendly capsule collection. Levi’s have just signed Hailey Bieber as their new ambassador. Their classic cuts, iconic brand and new sustainability-focused mission make them a great option for your future denim purchase.


A family-owned company that’s been in the denim business for decades. Zahra Ahmed the CEO has said that looking after and caring for your jeans is as important as consciously choosing a sustainable brand to buy from. She recommends washing your jeans inside out on a delicate cycle without tumble drying will increase the longevity of the jeans. DL1961 uses the most effective production practices that guarantee sustainable processes. 


Boyish produce cruelty-free, ethical production practices that use up to a third less of the amount of water used in traditional denim production. Using sustainable fabrics and eco-packaging, this puts sustainability at the forefront of their business. Their collections consist of fitting timeless pieces that will last years.

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