Is Slow Fashion Taking Over Luxury?

Slow fashion & sustinable fashion trend


Written By Pradnya Shinde

In the past few years, slow fashion has caught the attention of shoppers and if the fast fashion was 2010 then slow fashion is 2020. What is slow fashion? Slow fashion is an awareness approach to fashion, it is a movement of designing, buying and creating garments for quality and longevity. Consumers are getting  more conscious of their shopping choices and taking action to reduce their impact on the environment. Over consumption and mass production are now falling out of favors due to changing fashion trends and styles and making way to limited clothing. Covid:19 had an impact on consumer’s behavior and has caused a shift in fashion houses in terms of price points and creativity. 

Slow fashion is the new luxury fashion

 Photo: Agua Benditainte Macional.

Post pandemic analysis states, consumers are changing their shopping behaviors and attitudes towards favoring the consumption of slow fashion. In 2020 Conscious Fashion Report by Global Fashion platform Lyst stated that, over the 12-month leading period “slow fashion” generated more than 90 million social impressions suggesting what is called “the beginning of the shift in shopping behavior”. Craftsmanship is catching the attention of shoppers provoking them to opt for tailor made rather than mass produced goods, says retail intelligence. In the post pandemic era, shoppers want to invest in high-quality long-lasting products rather than quantity products, which certainly creates a rise in demand for handmade and customer made orders, pushing artisans’ skills and talent in good use. Demand for craftsmanship pieces will create a rise in jobs for traditional artisans whose daily wages comes from craftsmanship. All these factors combined make slow fashion the new luxury of the fashion industry. 

Slow fashion will end fast fashion


Designers like Agua Benidita are now practicing slow fashion and have successfully managed to create a global impact by supporting artisans and implementing sustainable ways in creating their collection. Agua Benidita is a swimwear brand based in Colombia, they believe in creating pieces that people want to buy and fall in love with. While working with Colombian women artisans for craftsmanship and using sustainable fashion methods like recycled polyester made from plastic bottles and digital printing instead of using chemical dyes to reduce water wastage, the designer main motive is to cause less footprint and sell timeless pieces which can be passed from generation to generation preserving the quality of the art and value of the product.