Sustainable fashion, how can you make more sustainable choices?

By Ciara Redmond 

Fashion rental

Photo cred: Sustainable Fashion Forum

As climate activism takes a central role on the world stage, one thing is guaranteed; sustainability is one trend that isn’t going out of fashion! Sustainability is all about meeting our present needs without jeopardising  the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It refers to environmental protection, social equity and economic viability; three areas in which the clothing industry is simply missing its mark. Without resorting to wearing fig leaves, here are a few simple ways to make more sustainable choices.

Photo cred: Sustainable Fashion Forum

 The most effective thing we can do is to resist the temptation to support fast fashion practices. With water pollution and textile waste wreaking havoc on our environment, and labour exploitation notoriously rampant, fast fashion is simply unsustainable. Whether we’re being redirected to shop the looks from the villa, or harassed by ads on our Instagram feed; it’s all around us. Celebrities and influencers sign mega deals to lend their names and faces to giant clothing retailers. When they endorse these fast fashion machines, we tend to overlook the devastating environmental effects of churning out cheap, disposable clothes – hot today, not tomorrow. It’s easy to get seduced by free or fast delivery or lured into believing that online shopping is saving us time, when the reality is finding ourselves in a time suck of endless scrolling. Free yourself from the fast fashion trap by choosing high quality, timeless designs. Good quality clothes look better, feel better and last much longer. Naturally, there’ll be a difference in the price tag but thankfully, fashion rental platforms are now making haute couture accessible at a fraction of the price. This means you can look runway ready while reducing your impact on the planet, as well as your purse. Endeavour to support fashion hire platforms that choose and use green packaging and delivery, where possible.

We all have a few bits in our wardrobe that we wear day in and day out, but when it comes to occasion wear,  it’s nice to step out in something new each time. A stand out dress or a knockout jumpsuit loses its allure as soon as the photos of the event are splashed across social media. It’s senseless, both financially and environmentally, to go trawling through shops for every big social event that comes up. Aside from dress hire, there’s another simple way to get that coveted new outfit feeling. Consider all the beautiful pieces you lusted after, bought, wore once and then committed to the back of the wardrobe. Your siblings and friends likely possess a similar stash. Make use of this untapped resource! Borrowing and swapping clothes means you can step out in something new (for you) without breaking the bank! Besides, it’s flattering when somebody asks to borrow something you’ve chosen and it feels good to help each other out. 


Photo cred: Sustainable Fashion Forum

If you know your way around a sewing machine or even if you know a good tailor, redesigning and upcycling some of your outfits is another sustainable option that ensures nobody else will turn up at the party wearing the same thing. Re-imagining outfits and rooting through vintage shops is not for everyone, but you never know – you might discover a secret flair for it. Creativity is not a trait gifted to some and withheld from others. It’s human nature, so get creative and see what happens! 

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